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People's Choice Award

Donate now to support the Miss Washington Scholarship Organization and your favorite candidate! The candidate who raises the most as a part of our People’s Choice Program will receive a $1000 cash prize!  The remainder of the donations will go directly to fund scholarships for our candidates.

($1 equates to 1 vote; you can make a donation in any amount).

Tiffany Abrams Eastside.jpg

Tiffany Adams

Sophia Da Silva Seattle.jpg

Sofia Da Silva

Noel Anderson Tri-Cities.jpg

Noel Anderson

Regan Gallo Pierce County.jpg

Regan Gallo

Pierce County
McKenzie Hammond East Cascades.jpg

Kenzie Hammond

East Cascades
Natalie Worthy Greater Vancouver.jpg

Natalie Worthy

Greater Vancouver
Maria Hazel Spokane.jpg

Maria Hoyt

Kayla Souza Rainier.jpg

Kayla Sousa

Glory Boieriu Liberty.jpg

Glory Boieriu

Jerica Huang Olympics.jpg

Jerica Huang

Jaylah Young Puget Sound.jpg

Jaylah Young

Puget Sound
Carrie Everett Auburn.jpg

Carrie Everett

Emma Dorsch Grays Harbor.jpg

Emma Dorsch

Grays Harbor
Copy of Amber Pike Northwest.jpg

Amber Pike

Ava Siniscalschi Northwest.jpg

Ava Siniscalchi

Austin Douglas West Sound.jpg

Austin Douglas

West Sound
Briana Rasku Lewis County.jpg

Briana Rasku

Lewis County
Anna Countryman Clark County.jpg

Anna Countryman

Clark County
Amber Barton Thurston County.jpg

Amber Barton

Thurston County
Abby Faulk Yakima County.jpg

Abby Faulk

Yakima County
Angelia McGoran Cherry Blossom.jpg

Angelia McGoran

Cherry Blossom
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